Family History

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Frank Wray - Born 1899 : Died 1936

Sex : Male

Date of Birth : 17th July 1899

Place of Birth : Hitchin, Hertfordshire

Date of Death : October 1936

Place of Death : Hitchin, Hertfordshire

Number of Children : 0


Marriages / Relationships

Margaret Campbell ( BET APR 1924 AND JUN 1924 - )

Children : None / Unknown

Relationship notes :


Father : Alfred Wray

Mother : Emily Currell


Dick Wray (Full)

Robert Wray (Full)

Ada Wray (Full)

Jack Wray (Full)

Sam Wray (Full)

Maggie Wray (Full)

Flory Wray (Full)

Annie Wray (Full)

Ernest Wray (Full)

Charles Wray (Full)

Arthur Wray (Full)

Caroline Wray (Full)

Alice Wray (Full)