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Sarah Walby - Born 1765 : Died 1791

Sex : Female

Date of Birth : 1765

Place of Birth : Hertfordshire

Date of Death : 1791

Place of Death : Hertfordshire

Number of Children : 0


Sarah Walby was born around 1765. The family lived at Aston in Hertfordshire, although no baptism has been found for Sarah there. Sarah's father died in 1776, leaving her five pounds to be paid to her when she reached the age of 21. On 9th May 1781 Sarah married a John Pearman (recorded in the marriage register as "Spearman"), who was from the nearby parish of Ardeley. After their marriage they settled in Ardeley, having four children baptised there between 1783 and 1790. Sarah died in 1791, when she was probably still in her twenties. She was buried at Ardeley on 18th November 1791. John survived Sarah by about 38 years. When he died he was described as a victualler of the Dog and Partridge public house in the hamlet of Cromer in Ardeley parish.

Marriages / Relationships

John Pearman ( 9th May 1781 - )

Children : None / Unknown

Relationship notes : Aston, Hertfordshire


Father : George Warby

Mother : Dorcas Chapman


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