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Thomas Worbey - Born 1817 : Died 1881

Sex : Male

Date of Birth : 1817

Place of Birth : Great Wymondley, Hertfordshire

Date of Death : 1881

Place of Death : Hitchin, Hertfordshire

Number of Children : 4


Thomas Worbey was baptised on 20th April 1817 at Great Wymondley in Hertfordshire. The family did not live at Great Wymondley, but in the hamlet of Walsworth in the neighbouring parish of Hitchin. Thomas appears in the 1841 census living with his parents and brothers at Walsworth, when he was working as an agricultural labourer. Later that year he married his cousin, Elizabeth Walby; their fathers were brothers. They appear to have had eleven children together between 1842 and 1863. They generally lived in Hitchin parish, but many of their children were baptised back at neighbouring Great Wymondley. The 1851 census finds them living at The Riddy, a small group of farm worker's cottages in Hitchin parish but close to the border with Great Wymondley. The following year Thomas was in trouble, being fined five shillings for assaulting one of his neighbours at The Riddy. By 1861 Thomas and Elizabeth had moved back to Walsworth, where Thomas kept a beer shop, next door to his mother. In 1867 Thomas was described as landlord of the Red Cow beer house, when he was fined £2 and £1 costs for opening for business on a Sunday morning. In 1871 the Thomas and Elizabeth were still at the Red Cow at Walsworth. Elizabeth was working as a plaiter at this time. The census notes that their daughter Eliza (who lived with them) had been a cripple from birth. Thomas died in 1881, aged 64. Elizabeth survived him by about 11 years.

Marriages / Relationships

Elizabeth Walby ( - )

Children : Eliza Worbey - Joseph Worbey - Louisa Worbey - William Worbey

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Father : George Worbey

Mother : Charlotte Primett


John Worbey (Full)

Charles Worbey (Full)

James Worbey (Full)

Frederick Worbey (Full)

George Worbey (Full)

Joseph Worbey (Full)

William Worbey (Full)