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Mary Walby - Born 1742

Sex : Female

Date of Birth : Not shown for Data Protection

Place of Birth : Not shown for Data Protection

Date of Death : Living / Unknown

Place of Death :

Number of Children : 0


Mary Walby was baptised on 2nd October 1742 at Aston in Hertfordshire. As a young woman, Mary moved to London. She was married on 30th April 1764 to a John Chappell at Holy Trinity Minories, near the Tower of London, albeit just outside the city's boundaries at the time. Mary and John have yet to be traced after their marriage, although Mary was clearly still alive in 1776, as she was mentioned in her father's will.

Marriages / Relationships

John Chappell ( 30th April 1764 - )

Children : None / Unknown

Relationship notes : Holy Trinity Minories, Middlesex


Father : George Warby

Mother : Dorcas Chapman


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