Family History

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Dorcas Walby - Born 1783 : Died 1830

Sex : Female

Date of Birth : 1783

Place of Birth : Aston, Hertfordshire

Date of Death : 1830

Place of Death : Aston, Hertfordshire

Number of Children : 0


Dorcas Walby was baptised on 9th March 1783 at Aston in Hertfordshire. Dorcas married aged 19 on 13th November 1802 to George Beadle, an agricultural labourer from the neighbouring parish of Benington. Dorcas and George went on to have eight children baptised at Aston between 1803 and 1824. Dorcas died aged 47 and was buried in her native Aston on 24th April 1830. George outlived her by nearly 44 years, but does not appear to have remarried.

Marriages / Relationships

George Beadle ( 13th November 1802 - )

Children : None / Unknown

Relationship notes : Aston, Hertfordshire


Father : George Walby

Mother : Alice Wright


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