Family History

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Roland Worbey - Born 1937 : Died 1940

Sex : Male

Date of Birth : Q3 1937

Place of Birth : Hitchin

Date of Death : Q1 1940

Place of Death : Hitchin

Number of Children : 0


Marriages / Relationships


Father : Richard Thomas A Worbey

Mother : Eva Gladys Hailey


Irene C Worbey (Full)

Rita J Worbey (Full)

Richard A Worbey (Full)

Jean V Worbey (Full)

Jeffrey Worbey (Full)

Phyllis Marjorie Worbey (Full)

Pamela G Worbey (Full)

Patricia M Worbey (Full)

Doris Worbey (Full)

Robert A Worbey (Full)

Eileen Worbey (Full)