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John Walby - Born 1757 : Died 1824

Sex : Male

Date of Birth : About 1757

Place of Birth :

Date of Death : 1824

Place of Death : Newington, Surrey

Number of Children : 0


John Walby was born around the 1757 if the age quoted when he died is correct. The family lived at Aston in Hertfordshire, although no baptism has been found for John there. There are large gaps between the baptisms of John's siblings for whom baptisms have been found at Aston, with gaps between 1751 and 1756 and again between 1756 and 1763. John is named in his father's cousin William Walby's will in 1764, in which he was listed after his brother Benjamin (baptised in 1751) but before his brother Edward (baptised in 1756), which may suggest he was born between them. John was left ten pounds by William Walby, which he was to receive when he turned twenty one. In 1769 John started an apprenticeship with his older sister Lydia's husband, Samuel Stroud, a baker in London. In the early 1770s the Strouds moved from London to Hatfield, about ten miles south of Aston. John's brother-in-law Samuel Stroud died in 1792 and John's sister Lydia Stroud died in 1799. In her will she left John a pair of silver spoons to remember her by. By the 1820s John was living in London. He lived for a time at Limehouse in the eastern suburbs, before moving to Newington in the southern suburbs, where he was living at White Boar Alley on Kent Street when he wrote his will in October 1823. He described himself as a yeoman. It does not appear that John had married - or at least, his will makes no reference to any wife or children. John died on 5th April 1824 in Newington. He was said to be 67 years old. His will left all his property to the children of his late sister Lydia, suggesting John had remained close to the Stroud family, presumably from having lived with them whilst serving his apprenticeship.

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Father : George Warby

Mother : Dorcas Chapman


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