Family History

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Lillian Margaret Wyatt - Born 1885 : Died 1963

Sex : Female

Date of Birth : 22nd February 1885

Place of Birth : Lexden

Date of Death : 17th March 1963

Place of Death : Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England

Number of Children : 13


1939 Register lists living at "66 Sunnyside Road, Hitchin, Herts, England" and working as an Unpaid Domestic Duchess.

Marriages / Relationships

Arthur Worbey ( 12 SEP 1901 - )

Children : Basil Robert Worbey - Richard Thomas A Worbey - Harold Worbey - Benny Worbey - Margery N Worbey - Caroline Worbey - Hilda C Worbey - Thomas David Worbey - Daniel Worbey - Joseph Terence Worbey - Patricia Worbey - Brian A Worbey - Anthony Worbey

Relationship notes :


Father : Thomas Wyatt

Mother : Margaret L? Susan? Sarah? Kearns


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David Wyatt (Full)

Caroline Emily Wyatt (Full)

Cecil Robert Wyatt (Full)

Bessie Agnes Wyatt (Full)

Harold Thomas Wyatt (Full)

Ethel Mary Wyatt (Full)

Benjamin George Wyatt (Full)

Philip Oliver Wyatt (Full)

Dorothy Ruby Wyatt (Full)

Bertie Edward Wyatt (Full)

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Clifford Reginald Wyatt (Full)

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