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George Warby - Born 1709

Sex : Male

Date of Birth : Not shown for Data Protection

Place of Birth : Not shown for Data Protection

Date of Death : Living / Unknown

Place of Death :

Number of Children : 11


George Walby was baptised on 26th October 1709 at Aston in Hertfordshire. George became a butcher, following his late father's trade. In 1735 George was described as a butcher of Aston when he took on an apprentice named Edward Bardolph. George was married on 8th September 1740 to Dorcas Chapman from the neighbouring parish of Benington. They married in Ardeley, another local village, but returned to Aston after their marriage. They went on to have eleven children between 1740 and the mid 1760s, although their son Charles died aged two in 1765. George was clearly close to his cousin William Walby, who was a butcher in the nearby town of Hatfield. Two of George's children, William and Lydia, went to live in Hatfield with William. When William died in 1764 he left an extensive estate of property in Hatfield, Aston, Munden and Hertford, which was distributed mostly amongst George and his children. George was left some tenanted land at Munden (the will does not specify whether Great Munden or Little Munden) and a "freehold stall situate lying and being in the Market Place of the town and borough of Hertford". As a landowner, George was eligible to vote. He is recorded as having voted in elections in both 1761 (implying he had also owned land before inheriting property from his cousin) and 1774. George's first known grandchild was born in 1766, and he saw at least fourteen grandchildren born in his lifetime. Some of his children moved to London, others to Hatfield and others stayed local to Aston. George's son William died as a young man in Hatfield in 1770, whilst his daughter Dorcas died in London in 1775. George died at the age of 66, being buried at Aston on 25th May 1776. He left a will, written two weeks before his burial, dividing his property amongst his children, but leaving most to his son Benjamin, who inherited George's house at Aston. The will also mentions some of George's possessions, including his "bedstead with blue curtains". He also mentions a "great room" in his house at Aston. Dorcas survived George by nearly 24 years.

Marriages / Relationships

Dorcas Chapman ( 8th September 1740 - )

Children : Dorcas Walby - Mary Walby - George Walby - William Walby - Lydia Walby - Charity Walby - Benjamin Walby - Edward Walby - John Walby - Charles Walby - Sarah Walby

Relationship notes : Ardeley, Hertfordshire


Father : Unknown / Incomplete

Mother : Unknown / Incomplete