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Mary Walby - Born 1785 : Died 1857

Sex : Female

Date of Birth : 1785

Place of Birth : Aston, Hertfordshire

Date of Death : 1857

Place of Death : Hertfordshire

Number of Children : 0


Mary Walby was baptised on 12th June 1785 at Aston in Hertfordshire. Mary was married on 21st July 1810, aged 25, to an agricultural labourer called John Hanchant who was from the neighbouring parish of Shephall. They married at Shephall and settled there after their marriage. Mary and John went on to have seven children baptised at Shephall between 1810 and 1829. The 1841 census finds Mary, John and some of their children living at Shephall Green. A Tithe Map of Shephall was prepared in 1845, in which John is listed as the owner and occupier of a small piece of land in the middle of the village green, and one of three occupiers of a row of cottages on the east side of Shephall Green. Comparison with modern maps show the building is still there, now converted to one house and called 23 Shephall Green, which is a listed building, dating back to the seventeenth century. One of the other occupiers of this row of cottages was John Leaver, Mary's brother-in-law, suggesting the sisters lived with their husbands very close to each other. Mary died in 1857, aged 72. John survived her by four years.

Marriages / Relationships

John Hanchant ( 21st July 1810 - )

Children : None / Unknown

Relationship notes : Shephall, Hertfordshire


Father : George Walby

Mother : Alice Wright


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