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Dorcas Walby - Born 1740 : Died 1775

Sex : Female

Date of Birth : 1740

Place of Birth : Aston, Hertfordshire

Date of Death : 1775

Place of Death : London, Middlesex

Number of Children : 0


Dorcas Walby was baptised on 30th November 1740 at Aston in Hertfordshire. Her parents had married less than three months before young Dorcas's baptism. As a young woman, Dorcas moved to London, where she was married on 23rd February 1766 to a hosier called William Jones at the church of St Botolph without Bishopsgate. They went on to have two children together: a son called William baptised at Spitalfields in 1767, and a daughter called Jane baptised at Rotherhithe in 1772. Dorcas appears to have died in London in 1775, aged about 35, being buried at St Botolph without Aldgate on 14th November 1775. Her last abode was given as Petticoat Lane. Her husband William has yet to be traced after Dorcas's death. Dorcas' father wrote his will six months after Dorcas's death, and it does not refer to her or her husband or children.

Marriages / Relationships

William Jones ( 23rd February 1766 - )

Children : None / Unknown

Relationship notes : London, Middlesex


Father : George Warby

Mother : Dorcas Chapman


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